1. Do I have to recruit people to get paid?


 No, this is not a referral-based opportunity. you will have to serve as an active customer service professional (CSP)for your chosen client to be paid.



2. Will I be calling people and trying to make sales?

 No, The clients we service are in need of inbound call assistance. Some programs may encourage selling or offer incentives for those who do sell or up-sell items or packages but payment is based on a set per hourly rate.




3. Are there any fees?

 yes, the initial fee during registration is $9.99 this fee covers A background check ran by a third party affiliate of our partner company. You will need to meet all the equipment requirements for your client anything you don't have will have to be purchased. A certification course fee will apply and may range from $5.99-$150.00 this depends on the client you choose to serve. administration fees of $60 per month billed by doumas virtual solutions and $39.50 fee from our service affiliate monthly both of These fees will be split between your two pay periods. 




4. Will I receive any benefits or have taxes withheld?

 No, you will not be an employee of doumas virtual solutions LLC or our partnering company. you will be working as an independent contractor. Any additional benefit needs will be your responsibility. At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099-misc form to use for filing nothing is deducted, paid, or filed for you.



5. How will I be Paid?

 Currently offer the options of Zelle, cash app, or direct deposit.



6. What hours are available to work?

 This would depend on the client you decide to serve. we have clients with set hours of operations as well as clients with 24/7 availability. once you are certified you will have access to our scheduling system where you can select 30-minute blocks (referred to as intervals) that you would like to service.